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Kathol Kreations

You've Worked Hard...
...Display Your Belts Proudly!

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Stunning Colors

Brilliant, shining acrylic header and panels are contemporary, elegant and eye catching.

Beautifully Personalized

You can design your own display header by choosing from a variety of rich, color graphics. It can be personalized with your name and the name of your school or any other text of your choice

Create your own Display

The displays are made with bright acrylic plastics and are available in a variety of colors. You'll find our displays to be a beautiful addition to your home or school. Since each panel represents the colors of your belts, they provide an excellent visual reminder of future ranks and encourage perseverance in training. You choose the colors you need to match all of the color belts for your martial arts discipline. Don't forget to order panels for each of your striped rank belts too!


Sample Graphics Selections

Click Here to see the complete set of Graphics Available

Sample Header

Header Panels are 3" x 14"

Colored Panels are 2" x 14"

Each Colored Panel comes with 2 hanging hooks and 2 bands for mounting the belt.

Don't forget to order panels for your striped rank belts!


Beautiful, Colorful, Personalized,
Martial Arts Belt Displays

by Kathol Kreations