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Customer Comments - since we started this business in 1997 we have received much positive feedback. Somebody once suggested that we should publish some of it. So here it goes... (Starting Sept. 4 2003)

Octover 15, 2009 - C.C. writes:

Thanks so much for the great looking belt display for my granddaughter. I can't wait until we give it to her, I can't decide if we will give it to her for Christmas or for her birthday which is on the 21st of December, I know she is going to be so excited. She has worked hard for her belts that she has already earned and displaying them will inspire her to keep up the hard work I'm sure. She has to really work hard because she is profoundly deaf but she has amazed many with her accomplishments. She loves going to her DoJang. Thanks again for the awesome display and for sending it so quickly. I ordered it on a Thursday and it was here the following Wednesday. Later on I'm going to have a shadow box picture frame with a glass over it made to hang it in too. I want to make sure it stays nice forever. Tang Soo Sincerely, C.C.

September 24, 2009 - S.B. writes:

I absolutely LOVE my son's Karate belt display is still the best I have seen! Now he has completed his Little Champions program and has moved on to Juniors, so I am ordering a whole new series of colors to add to his rack. It will be quite impressive to see such a long display filling his wall...a wonderful visual display of his accomplishments as well as a motivating factor to see all the new belt colors/panels waiting to be filled. Thank you for creating such a fantastic product! S. B., Fairport NY

February 26, 2009 - S.H. writes:

We received our belt displays today (Thurs.) after just placing the order, with our own graphic, on Sunday! I took the displays up to the dojo tonight, and everyone, even the Sensei was impressed with the display.
Thank you so much!

January 2, 2009 - L.V. writes:

I just want to say "Thank You!" to Kathol Kreations for the great work you did on the belt racks for my 4 boys. Your form was easy to fill out, the racks arrived so quickly , the work was high quality and they were ready in plenty of time for Christmas. My boys are very happy to finally display the belts they are working so hard for. I had shopped around and your company has the most reasonable pricing for such a great looking display. Thank you again and I will definately be ordering again and refering everyone interested from our Dojang to Kathol Kreations.
God bless you and your family,

February 1, 2008 - P.V. writes:

I just opened and assembled the belt rack that I ordered for my son and I would like to let you know that you did a great job on it.  I requested a very specific and lengthy personalization on the header panel and it is exactly as I specified.  I am impressed with the work.  It looks awesome!  It displays all my son's hard earned belts in a neat and attractive way.  As he just earned his black belt in taekwondo, I had been searching many websites for martial arts belt racks and considered several styles - but I am glad I went with yours.  My son is very happy with it hanging on his bedroom wall! Thanks!

October 2, 2007 - V.E. writes:

Hi, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful belt holder. I, like everyone else, had been looking for a belt holder for a long time - long before I was a black belt. I'm so glad I found your site because I love this! All of my friends were very impressed.  I'm very happy you were able to personalize this for me. Thank you very much.

April 21, 2007 - The G. Family writes:

WOW!!! We had your package ready to rip open when I asked my birthday boy to go shut down the computer. I had set the webpage to Kathol Kreations and my Karate Kid's eyes grew wide with interest..."That would be cool, wouldn't it?" I asked  him, as I hurried him along to shut off the computer and  open up his big surprise. You should have seen the look of amazement on his face when he received his perfect Black  Belt Karate Display. This is amazing and a work of art!!!
LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to show off all the pictures to his buddies at the dojo.

Thanks for helping us pick the perfect gift!!!

February 18, 2007 - L.G. writes:

I just wanted to say that we got our son his belt rack for Christmas and it is wonderful!  It was extremely easy to put together and just looks stunning on the wall.  I researched many websites selling belt display racks and by far this was the best one for quite a few reasons.  It was the only one I could find in which you can customize the colors, plus add more if needed at a later date.  The price was also very reasonable.  Also, you can hang it on the wall and it takes up very little space and is not bulky.  My son loves being able to look at it and see how much progress he has made with his Taekwondo, and loves how when he graduates to the next belt we can hook it right on.

Thank you!!

February 5, 2007 - D.B. writes:

WOW! I ordered on Feb 2nd and received on Feb 5th. Excellent service. All three of my boys went nuts over their surprises. I couldn't put them together fast enough! My 4 1/2 year old walked around during his two older brothers TKD classes proudly holding his belt rack over his head so that EVERYONE at Tae Kwon Do could see! Thank you! I'm sure you'll be getting many orders from Tran's TKD kids.

December 21, 2006 - T.P. writes:

Hi, just received my belt rack for my son Brendan. It's beautiful !!!!! I am so pleased with it !! I was a little leery ordering it online, not sure of what the quality would be. I'm so glad I did !! It's so much nicer than others I've seen. It's  one of his Christmas gifts and I'm sure He will love it too !! Great Job !! I'll be ordering again as he continues in Taekwondo !! Thanks a million for the fast service too!!!

November 29, 2006 - B.M. writes:

Thanks so much for the great service! I didn't expect to get them so fast, I ordered them on Thanksgiving day hoping I would receive them by Christmas & they were here on Monday! I had to check the order to make sure it was correct and it was of course just perfect! (even my kids asked how did they do that so fast?)

November 17, 2006 - H.T. writes:

Our belt racks arrived today and they are STUNNING!!  I cannot wait to get them put together and hang them up!  Everything is exactly how we requested - the graphics, the names, the colored slats, and the school's name.  Awesome job!  We searched and searched for belt racks that we liked and didn't like anything we found until we saw yours!  My son and I both enjoyed creating a custom order.  Thank you!

May 27, 2006 - L.B. writes:

Thank you for responding to my "camo" question.  I received my order and I am so very pleased with my purchase!  Your belt rack is very high quality, better than I expected!  I loved the note inside being addressed to my Grandson, too.  He just turned seven and it will make him feel so grown up. Also, thank you for including the additional green slat for the "camo" belt.  I am sure it will look nice as you have suggested. Again, thank you so much for such a great product and assistance in this purchase.

Dec. 22, 2005 - C.S. writes:

Kathol Kreations rocks!!!  The fine quality of the personalized karate belt rack and the whip-lash turn-around of my order is most appreciated.  The package arrived just in the nick of time for Christmas!!!  Awesome job!  My son will be so surprised and will LOVE it.  Thanks so much.  I highly recommend your website/company to all.  All the best for 2006.
Cheers, C.S.

Nov. 26, 2005 - C.L. writes:

I just received the two Tae Kwon Do belt racks for Hunter and Tanner in the mail today--we are so pleased!  They look really nice and we can't wait to give them to the boys for Christmas...What a great idea so very nicely done!  Thank you!
Sincerely, C.L.

Nov. 19, 2005 - R.G. writes:

Hi Shawn – Finally got the rack assembled and hung up…after Dominic’s successful green belt test!  Thanks a lot.  It looks great.  I will recommend your product to the other PKA parents. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Feb. 4, 2005 - T.L. writes:

Thank you for responding to my order so quickly, I was shocked Monday when the package arrived.  We assembled the belt rack and it looks great  - the kids are so proud.  I plan on taking the belt rack to their Taekwondo instructors - to show them.  I hope you get some more orders.

Sept. 25, 2004 - D.D. writes:

"Thank you so much for the great belt display racks - you have made two little girls very happy and really impressed their parents beyond words. We received them within four days of placing our order (in plenty of time for the birthday party) and do so appreciate your precise fulfillment of our order - correctly spelled names and custom images positioned exactly as requested.  Thank you again for your creative and unique product and your outstanding service.

Oct. 6, 2003 - M.B.. writes:

"... WI love your product. I was searching for lower priced wooden displays when I came across your product on the internet. I was more than willing to pay more for your product because of the uniqueness of the color panels, the versatility, and I liked being able to have our names on the top.  We just started this summer in Tang Soo Do, and all of us are loving it.

Sept. 12, 2003 - J.K. writes:

Okay...we have received our belt displays, and we LOVE them!!!  All names were spelled correctly, that's amazing!
One of the boys was shaking, he was so excited.  All the Dad's were so excited to put them together. My son wouldn't go to bed until his was put together, and that was 10:00 pm!   So...great job!
I will take ours to the Karate Studio and show Mr. ....  I'm sure he'll pass on your name. 

Sept. 4, 2003 - L.P. writes:
The belt holder arrived today. It is wonderful! Thank you, it is just what we were looking for. My son was so excited to hang up his six belts (only six more to go to black!) I've searched for the perfect display rack for some time. I just stumbled across your site on the web. You should list your display rack on ebay! Anyway, thanks again!

May 11, 2003 P.D. writes:
Thank you so much! My daughter is getting her gold belt Thursday night and she is so excited we found your product!  She is 5 ½ and is taking Karate for the personal development, she is a gymnast on pre-team and I want her to have self-confidence and have a good attitude if she does well in gymnastics or not.  Again, thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Dec. 12, 202 J. Z. writes:
Shipment received.  Its terrific!  She's going to love it.  Thanks and happy holidays! 

Sept. 26, 2002 C. K. writes:

I got the belt display today and it looks great!  I put it up in my son's room and he loved it!!  I'm taking the business cards you included in the order to my son's Jiu-Jitsu school tomorrow so hopefully you'll have more orders.
Thanks again!
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